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#52 ‘she doesn’t Like Being Alone

In Georgia,I have had ten of my cousin’s transition as a result of the Corona Virus.She is very panicky about her Great-Granddaughter,Imani,going outside. She has become very over-protective of her loved ones And she doesn’t like being alone as noted by her Granddaughter.Although, I am not employed . She likes coming to my home daily and that is fine!.

#Tellyourstorypbc (Story #249)

The corona virus has essentially ruined my senior year. It took away my opportunity to walk across the stage, attend my prom, and my senior trip. I also recently lost my job due to the corona virus as well.

the fear of life as we know it

The corona virus has made it difficult for myself and my family to stay calm simply because it’s changed the dynamic of life. My family members are older, which makes them more susceptible especially considering they have preexisting conditions. My great aunt, grandmother, mother and grandfather have all recently in some way fell ill. Although there are other forms of illness, the pandemic and lack of knowledge behind the coronavirus has instilled fear that any illness could be fatal. It makes my grandparents afraid to leave their homes, worry about their friends and family and it’s harder to find basic resources.

#48 Nothing is in our Hands

I am a cancer survivor. I also have respiratory concerns. I have learned during this pandemic to use technology to communicate with my Kingdom Hall family. I an using zoom and facetime . which makes me feel accomplished! The message is to continue to be obedient and working together with and friends, I am 75 yrs of age,I do need assistance with eye medication. I will make a referral for her at a local family owned pharmacy. Her food needs are being met by her sons.Lastly, she says,:Nothing is in our hands.

#Tellyourstorypbc (Story #256)

Corona Virus has impacted my life in unbelievable ways. Due to corona I have no senior experience that I truly desired . All senior events canceled , which breaks my heart .

Something Scary

The coronavirus has impacted my life in a terrible way. Many if my friends and loved ones are unemployed due to the Coronavirus and are forced to adjust to a different lifestyle.


At my home,we have been preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. My house is petrified of the effects of this Virus. we are confined only to the perimeters of our home. In February,we made sure that my daughter (who lives elsewhere),Mother-in-Law and Nephews were taking care of with all the cleansers,disinfects, and supplies needed for a pandemic as discussed with us by my brother-in-law that lives in England.Remember our national leader says that this is a HOAX.

#49 I hope my Community Is safe:

She is a 79 yrs old Boynton resident and loves everything country. She feels that the Corona Virus is scaryI She hopes her neighborhood and community are safe,she sits outside daily near her front door with other family members. Her prays that hr younger son is safe while he is in a state institutionHer oldest son makes sure she has all that is required during this pandemic.