Why Acted: They did the best they could in the situation


Seeing kids in a wheelchair while young.

Humble Servant

Bring able to come back and give back to the community. Doing stuff for those who gave to me as a kid.

Rose out of concrete

Living around violence-but finding the good out of every situation. Great support system.


Growing up was not so hard but I went through the struggle with my family and friends .

Hard on your own

When I graduate from high school and went to college. I. Was the first in my family go off to school. My family was poor so he will work and different jobs he had to ask for loans. It was very hard.

Still Growing

All parents were the mother of all of the children when I was growing up

Haiti Family

I grew up projects in belle glade the neighborhood was very nice. They will help out anytime if you need it, friends will help the best way they can. And what I love most about belle glade is they would cook food for anyone that is starving. My part of town in belle glade was very helpful its like having a family.

Much Better

Better to live here from where I lived. Better opportunities in the community.