Community: South Bay

I don’t know

Kids home eating all day light in water bill getting sky high…

In need of help

I recently have been going through a lot I’m behind in my water bill I have 5 kids with me I been laid off of work and don’t have any income coming in.

Corona (Story #655)

Coronavirus has any impact in my community a lot shops stores restaurants has been closed things are starting to open it slowly but they still going back a lot a bit cases work

Built to last

Well the virus hasn’t impacted my life directly, but people has lost job, loss loved ones and is living in fear of the unknown.

Athletic Response

Coronavirus has put a major impact in my community. Everything has been shut down for about two months. Athletes cannot get a full workout in parts been close weight room facilities has been closed the economy is just losing money because of this virus. I truly believe you’re doing the right thing but we need to put something in motion that shows we moving in the right direction.


Corona has impacted me and my family member life because some have been laid off their jobs and can’t afford things already I’m also having a difficult time because me being home I don’t have internet to complete my college work good thing I’m a member of student aces and they help me get a laptop and access to WiFi.

With uncertainty comes fear

I’m a bit of a loner and introvert so the social distancing wasn’t that big of deal until I realized I couldn’t give my mom (who suffers from respiratory problems) the usual hug and kiss when I visit her. I also don’t go inside of her home in stand in the yard while she sits on the porch in fear that I may be asymptomatic and infect her with COVID-19. Usually our house is the social gathering spot for all children on the block, because I have a 7-year old, basketball goal and trampoline. My son cried when we moved the basketball goal to the back yard and told him he cannot play with his friends due to the pandemic. He had a meltdown. he was also sad about not being able to go to school and see his classmates in person. He is the social butterfly (unlike his mom, dad, and brother LOL). On a much lighter note, I have never cleaned, cooked, baked, and read more than I have now. Also I have had time to connect more with God, my husband, and sons). I try to look on the bright side no matter what adversity I face. Mentally I have good and bad days but doing my best to practice self-care and thrive. Thank you for listening. Be well

Helping earth other out

I grew up with my grandparents they was very old so they didn’t have much control of my brothers and I. We grew up not having much we had to work with what we got.

LOVE (Story #632)


Old school

The police said he grew up in clewston he said it was great they helped one another when you get into trouble from with your neighbor you get in trouble at home