Residents Share the Meaning of their Stories About Life in Their Neighborhoods

SenseMaker Project: We Are Here
August 2018 – March 2019

Learn more about who shared a story about life in their neighborhood.

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Emotional Tone

Storytellers were asked, “How do you feel about your story?” They had five options ranging from “strongly negative” to “strongly positive.” The visual below shows how many stories were in each category.

How Common Were the Stories?

Solutions and Community Resilience

The visual above is separated into two based on whether the stories were positive (“Strongly positive” or “Positive) or negative (“Strongly negative” or “Negative”).

Learning from the Past and Moving Forward

Motivations of People in the Stories

In your story, why did people act the way they did?

Focus on the Past, Present, or Future

My story relates to:

Upbringing vs. Personal Responsibility

Why did things happen in the story I told?

Change and Tradition

The lesson in your story is: