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It don’t stop nothing

The corona hasn’t stopped anything for me due to the fact that I am a agricultural worker. It makes my son be home from college which I like but also don’t because he’s away from football and his friends

Oh man this is BADDDDDD!

Coronavirus has truly been a demonic nightmare, not only to the community but for the nation. I have friends who has recently had his father pass away from this man made die-zeez Disease it has made every skeptical, why should we concern about the air we breath when you can’t get NATURAL air anywhere else. The world is trippen. But god isn’t, may he bless you and have mercy.

Brought Others Together

People are staying in side, taking correct safety procedures. It’s not as overwhelming because I can get off work and still provide for my family.

#Night job

I work at night. I stay home don’t go out side unless I have to. I take my dog for a walk and enjoy life at home. I spend time with family and friends they come by and see me. I buy paper towels and tissue paper to give to the elderly people that don’t have or can’t go get it.

#Senior program

When will this all be over. I’m cooped up in the house with my children and I’m ready to leave. The senior citizens program at the youth employment center would help a lot right now.

Corona sucks

The corona virus is running everything, I got sent home from college now I’m gaining a whole lot of weight and I do t need that. It’s stopping me from having fun Also we don’t even have a cure

Life goes on!!

I haven’t been sick since 2004 and everything has been the same/Good for me. I still have to pay rent, work etc. Why is everything in a panic when this virus is easier to get rid of then a common cold.


I am just trying to survive, I can’t work because I am disabled and just not trying to catch the virus. I hope i don’t have it or get it, I pray to god everyday.


The virus got me away from my job and school which are the only things that keeps me sane. I am very disappointed that the states are opening back up because it will only make things much more worse