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Nursing Home live at Glades Health Care and we have zero cases of the virus.They are keeping us healthy

Life Interrupted

Well my husband was temporarily laid off and we were applying for unemployment and have had many worries about money but we are grateful to be healthy, we are staying home so we will will stay healthy.

A Sad Situation But God is In Control

I can’t work. I was furloughed off of both jobs. I basically have don’t any income. I have no applied for unemployment because people have said it was too hectic and a waste. I don’t like standing in food lines. It’s been an entire change. Cant go to work, you can’t see your grandkids. I miss my friends! Everyone is tense but I’m learning to cope and live with things I thought I needed like hair and nails. There are people doing worse. I’m doing my best to help out my neighbors. Someone at my church had the virus and she said it was no joke. She almost died. This made me so paranoid! But I’m trying to remain positive and wear my mask if I have to leave my house. I had dental work that I wasn’t able to get finished. I paid them over 3,000. Horrible timing. I had a prepaid trip for March that was cancelled

College life

Im in college and the corona virus has sent me back home closing campus. I lost my job on campus and now has to depend on my parents. Also the college students don’t qualify for the stimulus checks for some reason.

Serve to Fill

I have been very fortunate to still be able to receive an income throughout this trying time. It has definitely been difficult to not be with my students or visit my loved ones. My mother and boyfriend both work in the hospital so it’s a constant struggle when cleaning and worrying if I got everything clean enough and not making him feel alienated in the home. Wanting to give back as much as possible is my main concern. When I’m in service, I feel my most purposeful.

Worst. Spring. Break. Ever.

Friday, March 13, 2020. The rumors are flying. Ironically, it’s the students who tell me that school is cancelled. It hit the Twitter feed and spread like wildfire. Seriously, the students told me a good five minutes before the announcement came over the loudspeaker. I’ve been on lockdown at home since March 13, 2020, when we were told by our administration to grab what we needed to work from home and leave campus. I haven’t been back. The transition to online learning has been fairly smooth for me, as our school was part of a green initiative and I already posted all assignments on Google Classroom. I’ve used less than a case of paper per year for three years, which I think is pretty good. I guess I’m lucky. I’m not here alone. My nephew, an actor, was rehearsing for a cruise gig when the world stopped. Rather than go back to New York, he opted to join me here and wait out the virus. So luckily, I’m not sitting here staring at the walls and worrying. And he’s a health nut, so we’ve gone keto. I’ve managed to lose 8 pounds so far. And since I’ve discovered InstaCart I really have almost no reason to leave the house. My car is currently getting three weeks to a gallon, so that’s good. The garbage collector left a flyer about AA, but he’s always been a bit judgmental. But I miss my school. I miss having someplace to go every day. I miss saying good morning to Ms Evans. I miss Renée calling me Mr. Cantstandyou (Seinfeld has been off the air for how long?) I miss my students greeting me with Bonjour, Monsieur every day. I miss lunch with my colleagues. I even miss my hall duty (ok, that one might be a stretch). But I do miss speaking French with my colleague who had duty with me. I really shouldn’t complain, all thing considered. I have a job, a roof over my head, health insurance, food in the refrigerator, money in the bank, toilet paper. I’m healthy, my friends and family are all doing well. Things could be so much worse.I just have to learn to not worry about things I can’t control. I worry about my students. I worry about my sister, who is a nurse. I worry about my brother, who is a first responder. I worry about my mother, who is of a certain age (she’d kill me if I gave her age here). I worry about my neighbors. I live in a 55+ community and apparently we had our first Coronavirus death today. I worry about the people who are protesting to open the state even though it makes absolutely no sense to do so until we have adequate testing in place. I worry that there’s going to be a second surge. I mean, I get it. Put your trust in the Lord, if that’s your thing. But my philosophy along those lines has always been Trust in the Lord and keep rowing toward shore. In other words, it’s great to have faith but putting oneself into harm’s way and then crying Jesus, take the wheel! seems a bit presumptuous. I guess my philosophy will have to be Trust in the Lord and wash your hands. And stop touching your face.So, I guess I’ll close now. Time to work on our third jigsaw puzzle. My nephew had a puzzle with him and put it together the first day he was here. We tried to buy more, but apparently others had the same idea. Walmart, Target, Amazon, all had empty shelves or 5 week waits Luckily, my mom, who lives in Georgia, loves puzzles and sent us a bunch of them to help pass the time. I hate puzzles. I’m colorblind, so puzzles are really challenging for me. If I manage to find 10 pieces in a 350 piece puzzle, I’m pleased with my accomplishment. In conclusion, I guess the greatest impact of the corona virus on my life is that it has taught me to be patient. When the Lord wants you to learn patience, He doesn’t hit you with his magic wand and say Be patient. He puts you in a position where you have to learn patience. Or not learn it. Peace.

Unknown Mystery

I’m trying to stay in and be obedient. I go to the store about every two weeks. It’s every scary. I don’t like wearing the mask. I make sure to put it on going indoors. I am a hairdresser. I’ve been out from work for three weeks. I’m getting behind. I was thinking about May 1st but I may not. A lot of my clients are older and cannot come out. Many call to say they are worried! I don’t like to sit still very often, so I’m hoping . Our church is closed, so Ive been watching on YouTube. My sons have taught me to use it. I am still having to pay bills with less income but I am trying not to let it worry me.

Social distancing (Story #328)

With this corona virus I haven’t been able to go out and get my medicine from the doctors so my daughter has been trying to get everything i need.


Covid 19 has impacted my family financially. I’m extremely careful on how I spend money, I’m prioritizing what bills to pay. At this point, credit scores isn’t important, but my family being feed is.