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FAU needs to do better

The impact has been one of stress and financial implications. I think that FAU could be better with assisting their students who are impacted by changing the grading policy. Essentially we were billed the same way as if we were under normal conditions, and the help they offered in allowing students to change to a pass/fail process, did not help at all for the students who plan to continue to graduate school. Also, I wish to state that if school is opening on an in person basis for the fall, I will not register. I hope that the online format will continue to be an option for the students who may be susceptible for the corona virus.

Face masks are sold out

Face masks are sold out in many stores due to the increased number of coronavirus cases in America. I have been trying to find enough face masks for my family, but so are other people who are trying to protect their families as well. I will continue to pray for all of those who have been infected and their families.


I saw on the news that the united states have the most confirmed coronavirus cases in the world. Even more than china where it is rumored to have originated in a lab. This makes it very hard to vote because many people like to go and physically vote. However, this could be a problem because while people vote they could be infected with the coronavirus.

The Uncertainty

The end of February when we (our country) realized that we needed to get what we need because the world as we know it was beginning to be wash away and the expectation of what to come was uncertain I was prepared on how to get purchase what is needed somewhat because I live in a hurricane state but the adjustment of this new life is challenging because we don’t know what to become of the new world

#Corona kills jobs

The coronavirus has greatly affected me in my job. I work in a fast food restaurant Mcdonald’s and the side effect of corona is customers are no longer coming to purchase food. So therefore my hours were cut short.5 to 2 days and I still get sent home because of few customers

Resilience comes at a cost

Working with a single mother who had become homeless in a neighborhood that she was raised in to find resources was very difficult. She didn’t want to be judged, labeled, or marginalized. But living now in the same neighborhood she once thrived in, gave her a new perspective as she realized the severe resource scarcity she was facing with 2 young children. Her story made me realize that life can happen to anyone and anytime and having access to resources in your own neighborhood can truly make an impact in how you bounce back from a traumatic event in your life.