Motivation: They have strong beliefs

Tree Stump to a Palm Tree

Coronavirus has made a drastic effect on my life but I won’t allow it to defeat me. Earlier this year, I was overjoyed with the news of becoming a father. With my hands tied with school, college requirements, also football workouts; I knew I hand to make a stand for what was to come “my unborn child” . Sacrificing my studying and mental relaxation time, I went out to find a job. When sudden pandemic changes came into affect, I was devastated. My job shut us out and we didn’t know what day we would return. With little to no resources here in the glades area, My mind began to overfill with survival thoughts and what to do next. I began to pray and recite the many attributes I’ve carried with me all my life. “What god has for me, it is for me.”, “Just have faith the size of a mustard seed.” As the days went by, I spent my free time learning more about myself, like finding talents I didn’t know I had. Hidden talents including hydro dipping shoes and drawing custom pictures on pants. My talent not only became a small hustle for me but I was doing something I love. Social distancing has been hard for me because I am a social person and love hanging out with friends. Despite the many changes the pandemic has caused, I’m still standing tall and try to accomplish nothing less than greatness .

# I’m woke Nigga

In my opinion this ain’t nothing but scare tactics. The government tryna scare us into spending money on stupid s*** like toilet paper.


I believe that all this is, is fear. You can’t live your life in fear. What is meant to be is meant to be. I can’t wear gloves or a mask, cuz if god wants me gone I’m gonna go. I won’t live my life in fear, cuz your life can all of a sudden…. just stop.


On the good side, I can now spend more time with my daughter and perfect my craft. I’m using this time to make sure I have the best season possible.

Limited (Story #840)

The only thing changed is not being able to see my Dad side of the family as much as I use to. I live with my mom and my dad lives 1 hour away. I use to go every weekend but now they both are scared for me to travel with the fear of contracting the virus.

Triple C

Only thing or way corona virus has effected me is by having me work from home which is harder for me because I lose focus but hopefully we can get a cure and everything opens back up

Corona suck but social injustice is worse

Sadly corona is the last thing I am worried about right now with all this social injustice going on in the world, all 50 states are protesting literally and no one is worried about corona

My New Pass Time

Have found myself using much of the spare time cutting out patterns to make masks.

God Truly Provides

I lost my job, my kids and I are home during the day but my husband is an essential worker. We have not been without.


My Dad, at 86 years old, tested POSITIVE from the COVID-19 virus and had to be hospitalized for 13 days. Elderly people with the virus are more probable to die from the disease and he almost did. I tested POSITIVE as well and beat myself up for giving him the virus and praying for a healthy recovery. It turned out that I hadn’t given it to him, he had given it to me. So, that guilt faded. In the meantime, my Mother, Super Mom, slept next to my Father who had the virus, cleaned up our dirty dishes, came into my room and cared for me, who also had the virus, and continued to keep busy while waiting for her COVID-19 test results. She washed her car, cleaned the grout around the pool, ran a household…and tested NEGATIVE at 81 years old. Absolutely unbelievable. She quickly left the house with freedom. I don’t know where she went, but she was out of here! God Bless her! My Dad came home. He grew a beard. He was on no oxygen, no walker, With his Alzheimer’s, he was needy, confused and forgetful but he was all of those things before going into the hospital. I went into the bank and the teller somehow got privy that I had the virus and told me that I was not permitted inside the bank and had to leave and could not come back until testing NEGATIVE for 14 days. I was humiliated. I wouldn’t wish this horrendous virus n anyone and I support each and every individual who goes through this passage with hope and bravery and ultimately survives it like a hero.