Good and Bad

Covid-19 made a significant impact on my life by having all the stores rise the price on good. I am unemployed and since there are high demands on hand sanitizer, toilet paper, paper towels, Clorox disinfecting wipes, Lysol disinfectant spray, and masks, I am unable to provide as much safety for my family. Customers/consumers are not allowed to go into stores or get served if we do not have a mask on, which sucks because I sometimes forget to bring my mask with me every time I need to go out for groceries or accessories. It’s also negative because I know have to be cautious with everything I touch. I have to make sure I wash my hands, sanitize, stay social distanced and have people social distanced from me. It has a positive affect because now people are not allowed to be in my personal space. I like my space.

About This Story

  • Project: COVID-19
  • Date submitted: 2020-06-26 00:00:00
  • Emotional tone: Positive
  • Who should know about this? Everyone, Friends and family, Government, and My community
  • Is the story health-related? NA

About the Storyteller

  • Community: Lake Worth
  • Age: 18-30
  • Gender: Female
  • Concerns: Being around too many people, Employment, Health of my friends and/or family, My health, and Paying the bills

How the Storyteller Interpreted Their Story

Note: Responses which fell closer to the middle (between two or three options) are shown as two dashes.
  • My story shows we need to: NA
  • Who my story is about: Myself
  • Why people acted the way they did: NA
  • How people were treated: NA
  • In my story, there are: No solutions
  • In my story: I am stressed out
  • My story shows: I have no control
  • My story teaches us that: The community is vulnerable
  • My story teaches us that: --
  • My story is about: Fear