Time Orientation: Here and now

Getting to Know Jupiter

I decided to move to Jupiter three years ago. I didn’t know much about it before but had so much to learn. So many people move to Jupiter and Palm Beach County from out of the state, I learned especially from the northeast. I sought to get to know the community, the good and the bad. I just wonder if the people moving down here do as well?


Once I seen somebody fall out. many walked by but it was one group that stopped to help.

Rose out of concrete

Living around violence-but finding the good out of every situation. Great support system.

Haiti Family

I grew up projects in belle glade the neighborhood was very nice. They will help out anytime if you need it, friends will help the best way they can. And what I love most about belle glade is they would cook food for anyone that is starving. My part of town in belle glade was very helpful its like having a family.


Growing up was not so hard but I went through the struggle with my family and friends .

Great out the bad

Two positive, one positive being everyone is a whole, such as being a diversemulticultural community. Another being welcoming and feeling like a family from different races


Seeing my friend get shot