We Are Here SenseMaker Project

Between August 2018 and March 2019, residents from Healthier Together communities in Palm Beach County shared stories and micro-narratives (short responses with answers to follow-up questions) about life in their neighborhoods. Youth in these communities helped to gather the stories with some writing down what residents shared with them verbally.

Download the report, We Are Here: From Personal Narratives to Collective Insight:

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Residents were asked:

Please tell us about an important moment in your life that would help someone understand what it’s like living in your neighborhood.

Who Submitted a Story?

Most community members who submitted a story as part of the We Are Here project were over the age of 50 (67%). About half were women. The majority (66%) were African American. More than half lived in Boynton Beach, Florida, 24% lived in the Glades, and 13% were from Delray Beach. Learn More

Explore the Stories

What is life like for residents of Boynton Beach, the Glades, Delray Beach, and other communities in Palm Beach County? Get to know the residents by exploring their stories and micro-narratives. With hundreds of submitted stories, here are several ways to explore:

Enter the Collection

Step into a story gallery where you can scan 50 stories selected at random. Which stories capture your attention? Zoom in on stories you want to explore in more depth.

List View

Scroll through stories and micro-narratives and access all responses from residents over the age of 18.

Random Story

Read one random story from the collection. Displays one story in full and shows how the community member interpreted their story.

What the Stories Mean

View how community members interpreted their own stories and the significance they hold for the storytellers. Data visuals summarize all stories in the project.

Search and Filter

Search stories by word or phrase, date range, storyteller characteristics, and responses to follow-up questions (how the storyteller interpreted their story).


Discover how communities made sense of this collection of stories in this excerpt from the We Are Here report.

Read the Report

Download We Are Here: From Personal Narratives to Collective Insight, a report from Palm Health Foundation on the first SenseMaker project involving the Healthier Together communities.