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Mrs pearl is a 79 year old native of boynton beach. She has recently suffered the lost of her husband. She is a retired nurse and she says she is adjusting to living alone. The one thing mrs wilson would like to share with the younger generation. That it has not been easy at times being african-american when it comes to credit,housing,cars and jobs. She advises them to stay in school and get a decent education.


Claretha light is has been in boynton beach since a little girl. She was raised by her father coming from georgia. She is a petite lady and is 84 years of age.she feels like this has been happening to blacks for as long as she can remember. The killings by cops is the new lynching,tar and feathering. I just don’t know if it will ever stop. We have been marching since martin luther king,jr. The youth of today,we have failed them! The youth are tired of promises not being fulfilled.


I am yvonne fisher. I didn’t think i would live to be 87 years of age. After battling covid19,a few months ago. I spent five(5) days at bethesda west. This virus still has me weak. Mrs fisher has lots of energy to burn. But due to covid19,she is temporarily using a walker for daily exercis. She is a fighter and she has many grandchildren to raise in new york. This lady was use to driving home to new york for family reunions.mrs fisher has a 31 year old chef for a grandson that lives in miami. He shops and prepares all her meals. I deliver a healthy lunch to mrs fisher on wednesday. She is dealing with diabetes and hypertension.


Biana jones is 89 years of age. She was the only black florist in and around the tri-county area for many years. She thought it was a privilege to be that african-american women entrepreneur. Although ,she has had some struggles the floral orders are not always like those in other communities. It has been a blessed experience. I am still working from my home i have osteoporosis but i keep moving. Mrs jones has two(2) sons living with her that assist with her in-home business.


Mrs jean sliwa is a 79 years young. When i called her,she was just getting home from having wine with her friends. Mrs sliwa loves life! She says that what her mad is that while she takes daily walks at ocean park in boynton beach. She is approached by those that don’t think that mask are of importance. But,i do and they are endangering my life. With the black lives matters, i am appalled at the treatment that is handed down on people of color. It is very frustrating.


Julia frazier was born right here in boynton beach in december of 1946. Things were great! They were so different. We were taught if you see an adult …You speak. If someone grown in the neighborhood say you did something…Well guess what you did it..If you disputed an elder you got a whipping!There were no guns,loud music and if you saw an elder you said… Yes ma’am or no ma’am when they asked you a question.


I’ve learned that life can be changed in the blank of an eye. I’ve learned to use community resources such as the city bus and food drives to help save money in order to pay bills. Utilizing the food drives also allowed me to help family who were laid off during this hard time.


You can be up today and down tomorrow don’t take life for granted.


I am mary jones 83 years old. I have lived in boynton beach since 1981. I am originally from cuthbert,georgia. I have a 25 years young grandson with this virus. He resides in in atlanta,georgia. This has affected his family. I am trying to stay clear of the virus. I will take her some microban on tomorrow.she has another grandson that resides with her, he runs all errands.


Seven months into 2020 and it feels like seven life times. 2020 is a year that needs its on history book just for the first seven months and several editions for the remaining five months. I never imagined in 2020 I would bury my father. I never imagined we would be walking around with face mask on or wearing gloves due to a virus with no cure. I never imagined that a man by the name of George Floyd would bring the whole world to their feet and scream JUSTICE!! I never thought people would burn down buildings, turn over cars, and walk miles in efforts to bring change to an oppressed system against the black race. I never thought that a young lady would be lying in her bed and shot to death by police officers or a young unarmed man out for a run and would be killed by two cowards who felt threaten.These stories have always been a part of the history of the black race. However, 2020 is the year that white, brown and black people were sick of the injustice by law enforcement and other senseless acts. Therefore, we joined forces to fight until we have permanent change. When you think of 2020, think of a year when people looked pass the color of one’s skin and unified in order to create undeniable change.