Vulnerable: The community is vulnerable

My Story (Story #938)

My StoryI am Janette Lopez, I’m a single mother. I live with my mother, sister and 12 year old son. We all four caught the virus covid 19. Till this day we are still recovering. Unfortunately, I’m not able to work yet because I am still sick and taking medications. My family and I are very grateful for this foundation. Thank you for paying my previous month’s rent. And for continuing to support my family and I through the month of June. I am very grateful, Thank you for everything. –Janette Lopez

Struggling through the pandemic

My household is made up of my four children ages 11,8,4 and 7 month old along with my husband and I. I stay home to take care of the kids while my he works. My husband works in landscaping, but his hours have been shortened more and more due to the pandemic. This has left us unable to catch up or pay rent. He has been trying to find work and was able to work twenty three days but his boss did not pay him for the work he did so now we are six months behind in rent. This situation has also caused me to rely on the assistance of friends to help pay bills like my phone bill.

Keeping my daddy safe..

I missed 3 weeks of work when it first started because of all the uncertainties. My father has severe asthma. He is also COPD. I care for him and was afraid I would catch it and bring it to him. He is already having a difficult time. My daughter is also asthmatic.I work as a transit driver for mentally and physically disabled individuals. Its impossible to not come in contact with them. Some dont understand that they must wear a mask and constantly takes it off. I transport individuals in wheelchairs and on walkers who need my hands on assistance.

No Track. No soccer.

The corona virus affected my life because it cut off my track season for school and soccer season for the AYSO organization. I know have to work twice as hard to get a track scholarship to schools and now have limited school options because many colleges/universities cut their track programs.

Good and Bad

Covid-19 made a significant impact on my life by having all the stores rise the price on good. I am unemployed and since there are high demands on hand sanitizer, toilet paper, paper towels, Clorox disinfecting wipes, Lysol disinfectant spray, and masks, I am unable to provide as much safety for my family. Customers/consumers are not allowed to go into stores or get served if we do not have a mask on, which sucks because I sometimes forget to bring my mask with me every time I need to go out for groceries or accessories. It’s also negative because I know have to be cautious with everything I touch. I have to make sure I wash my hands, sanitize, stay social distanced and have people social distanced from me. It has a positive affect because now people are not allowed to be in my personal space. I like my space.

# 38 Mrs Green Says She Is Doing Her

Mrs Clara Green has been widowed for 35 years young. She has a vibrancy that will knock you off your feet! Mrs Green says that she is Doing Her at 76 years young! The Leadership opened the community too soon. And things are getting worse. Just take a look at Boynton beach a designated HOTSPOT!My advice is the Leadership should have allowed things to cool down.It is keeping the death toll on the rise.She has acquired a brand new lexus and she hasn’t driven it far at all, call her for a ride!Mrs Green has been widowed 35 years.

Living between homes while taking care of family.

I live in a single family home. I had to move my mother in with me due to her lease being up during the covi-19. We have been unable to find a new place for because of the coco-19 which has caused our area to be closed to a number of months. Our Realitor was closed as well as any office businesses for apt complexes. Because I had to move in my mother, I am now living between two homes due to the lack of space in my single family, already over crowded home. My husband stays with his mother and just so we can have some type of life, I spend partial time there and partial time home.

# 27

Mr Percival Rowe is a 80 year old native of Jamaica. He and his wife Vinnette(59) live in a modest apartment in a hotspot in Boynton Beach. Mr Rowe says that the pandemic He doesn’t know if there will ever be a cure to this.Mr Rowe and Mrs Rowe still work for a living.i will take facial coverings by their residence.Any assistance given would be appreciated!

# 36 She Doesn’t hink the Virus Will Ever Go Away

Carol Woodside is an 82 years young native of Kentucky. She has lived in Boynton Beach for over 20 years.Ms Carol has trouble with the use of her legs. So her,mobility, is or can be an issue. ms Woodside continuously has Doctor’s visit to find the cause of her leg issues.She lives alone and never gives up on her just cause.She doesn’t think the virus will ever go away< And she has nw figured out that when she needs to go somewhere she has to go. Ms Woodside has no living relatives in the area.Ms Carol had an issue months back with her Water and now needs assistance with it , As well as, her Electric