The mini grant allowed me…

Mini Grant SenseMaker Project Story or Micro-Narrative

  • Grant Project: SPARC Guidance
  • Description: Support for the operation of an existing business for profit or not for profit
  • Role: I received a mini grant for an idea I had
  • Date submitted: 2021-03-30 12:00

The mini grant allowed me to get my “back of store” in order, which includes signing up for and using a new streamlined sales funnel/project creator (HoneyBook), which has made the proposal, contact, and payment progress 1000x smoother. This also makes my business, SPARC Guidance, more professional and helped me establish contracts for trainings/coaching sessions with Early Head Start via the Early Learning Coalition. I am also now able to offer family coaching sessions and I hope to expand SPARC to the School District next.

How This Person Interpreted Their Story or Micro-Narrative

Note: Responses which fell closer to the middle (between two or three options) are shown as two dashes.
  • This project or activity has the capacity to impact the community:
  • This project impacts:
  • To have the biggest impact, this project needs support from: --
  • The mini grant project(s) in my story impact: --
  • The story I shared shows the importance of: Power within the local community
  • In my story, things went: --
  • A lot of things started to occur sooner than I thought, especially with the pandemic, and this was for the better.
  • The story shows: --
  • For me, I really just needed the funds to stay afloat long enough to get a positive reputation and a track record under my belt. Networking opportunities are always helpful, though.