At last my mini grant…

Mini Grant SenseMaker Project Story or Micro-Narrative

  • Grant Project: Self Compassion Matters
  • Description: Support an existing program in a business or non-profit
  • Role: I received a mini grant for an idea I had
  • Date submitted: 2021-03-19 12:00

At last my mini grant has traction!
Self Compassion Matters has LIFT OFF!
Dovecot Farm has two retreats scheduled for next week….
St Mary’s Medical Team on Wednesday 24th March.
A group of therapists and Mental health practitioners in the recovery world on Saturday 27th March…
One fascinating trend is emerging in the DISC evaluation response…

How This Person Interpreted Their Story or Micro-Narrative

Note: Responses which fell closer to the middle (between two or three options) are shown as two dashes.
  • This project or activity has the capacity to impact the community:
  • This project impacts:
  • To have the biggest impact, this project needs support from: A non-profit or organization
  • The mini grant project(s) in my story impact: Small groups
  • The story I shared shows the importance of: Being a part of something bigger
  • In my story, things went: As I expected
  • Focuses on the DISC piece of the Self Compassion Matters grant. Having run a few evaluations with groups of medical health practitioners, I expected a high S score. The S in the DISC stands for steadfastness and stability. A high S is representative of the prevalent behavior of those who work in the, medical or COMPASSION industry. This group are designed for caregiving, therefore also prone to burnout and compassion fatigue. Some of the scores are very interesting, raising many coaching opportunities for next week's retreat., The DISC that I am certified in provides two scores- a Natural behavior score and an Adapted behavior score...What I am seeing is a gap in these two scores under the S column., and Will deploy coaching to determine if this is due to wear& tear in the workplace.... although there may be many other reasons for potential wear & tear.
  • The story shows: The mini grant has everything needed to succeed
  • Out of the eleven participants, I have received 10 DISC evaluations so far...