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I haven bee. Through a lot cling you have been rob by the police beat up and lot of many thing that’s not worth talking about but it’s time for a chase


Ms ponticello is a 73 year old recluse. She very seldom answer her door or phone. It is always a hit or miss with her. Today was a good day!Ms ponticello has had her chihuahua taken from her by the hoa after the dog attacked a resident. She is receiving meals from cdc senior meal program.she feels as though the pandemic has left us in a state of disbelief and not knowing where and who to turn. Ms jan is mow wondering when will this be over.

One Day at A Time

My name is Kim. With this Pandemic I’ve experienced ups/downs/frustration/aggravation/ but most of all how to pray more. I can’t say that I’m 100% back to normal I just try and deal wit this COVID day by day. It took a toll on me in the beginning my anxiety level went sky high. I can say that it was a learning experience on how to better prepare for the worst. I do believe It will help me better in the future with patience for many people.

Family time (Story #734)

The Corona virus has gave me an opportunity to work from home, this time has let me spend more time with my family.

Hard work

Due to covid-19 I been working a lot more as an essential employee.The outside is closed but Walmart still has me working.

COVID-19 Changes

I have a pre-existing health condition that effects my lungs, so I had to move back to my hometown to adjust my ability to control my exposure. In doing so, I had to continue paying for an apartment I could not use, and I had to leave my job because it was no longer safe for me to work and I was not given a remote work option. I also had to repurchase items such as clothing and textbooks because I did not think that I would be away from my apartment for months when I originally left.


I was released from my university and forced to obtain a full time night shift job. I got this job because my mother need assistance with my other 5 siblings who had also been released from their educational institutions. It is unfair, and uncomfortable to not be able to receive my education anymore.


It is very tiresome to have to stay isolated. It’s also scary to think I may catch the virus.