My Voice

“My Voice” is a platform for community members to share more in-depth stories. Palm Health Foundation has also reached out to residents of Palm Beach County who’ve benefited from the Neighbors Helping Neighbors fund and will share stories illustrating its impact on their lives.

Lake Worth Beach Wall of Unity

January 21, 2021

The Healthier Lake Worth Beach community helped orchestrate the revitalization of the city’s Unity Wall, a structure that once segregated the white and black sides of town. The revitalization project is bringing together artists from all over South
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Third Times a Charm

November 9, 2020

Chasing rabbits, daily workout, late nights and early mornings playing childhood football is where it all began. Growing up in a very small town called South Bay, Florida, can be very challenging. Known for its one way in and one way out entry into
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Mrs. Bowleg’s Story

November 6, 2020

Mrs. Veronica Bowleg lost her beloved son, Ervin, during the COVID-19 pandemic. While he did not die of coronavirus, she wants to let her community know to take care of themselves so they don’t suffer the loss of loved one as she has.
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