Community: Pahokee


I was released from my university and forced to obtain a full time night shift job. I got this job because my mother need assistance with my other 5 siblings who had also been released from their educational institutions. It is unfair, and uncomfortable to not be able to receive my education anymore.

How COVID-19 Has Been Impacting My Live :

COVID-19 has turned my life a bit upside down, as it has for many. My boyfriend and I both work in tech, for two different platforms in the hiring industry. When the Stay at Home regulations began across the country, my company was flooded with cancellations. We specialize in restaurants and hospitality, so it’s understandable that as a hiring tool we’d be one of the first services cut as these companies try to stay afloat. My company is a very small startup, so this hit us hard from the get-go. We immediately cut salaries across the board and cancelled bonus plans, with our C-level execs forgoing paychecks entirely to keep us afloat. Our next ‘phase’ is moving to rolling 1-2 week mandatory unpaid vacations, cycling through each employee as long as we can keep our finances in a place to avoid layoffs.My boyfriend works for one of the largest hiring platforms in the world, and they have a number of different revenue channels, so we figured his job would be safe even if mine was not. After 7 years of working there, he was very unceremoniously laid off—along with more than half of the company—in an effort to manage costs amidst their drastic decline in sales. As long as our losses continue to stay steady, my company may actually avoid layoffs and the unpaid vacations entirely. With the flexibility of a small team and the government assistance programs being implemented, we’re in a scary-but-decent position. I never thought my tiny tech startup would be the one to come out of this relatively ok! It’s been interesting to see how companies with similar clients and offerings are managing this time so differently. We definitely are in a crazy point in history but will all get through it together.

Elderly not forgotten

I am grateful and appreciative for the support of community in ensuring that the elderly are taken care of. Meals are delivered several times a week by various individuals. Neighbors are calling to offer encouragement and comfort. This is specially needed because some elderly ones live aloneOr no longer have relatives leaving nearly by or because of social distancing to care for their needs.

Bad virus

By impacting my education also playing football doing what I do and love best

What love Is?

The coronavirus has made me appreciate how valuable life is. Never before this generation experience a global pandemic of this magnitude. We can’t take for granted the seriousness of is situation we are in. To see health workers risk their lives to save others is truly a real expression of love. It must affect them emotionally, pysocologically as well as the fear,concern and anxiety it causes their family. The story of the Doctor facing a custody battle to keep her child in her life is heartbreaking. Yet she is willing to still put forth the effort to help others.

Cooking Passion

Cooking is a passion of mine that I enjoy. I cook meals for my Church as a volunteer. It has affected my life because I usually cook every Monday and Wednesday for my church and because of the coronavirus I cannot Cook a meal.

No Traveling

It has affected me by the lack of traveling that I could do before the coronavirus. It has also affected me by not being able to take my dog to the dog park. People are not taking the proper procedures and are not wearing protections in local places such as grocery stores.


My brief input about the pandemic is that it has affected me in some way such as not being able to attend my church on Sundays. Not being able to hug my loved ones like I’m used to. Most importantly learning how to adjust to the current normalcy.

Self Reflection

During this pandemic situation this has impacted my life because now I look at life a little different now I don’t take things for granted and it has given me a whole new prospective on . I has increased my prayer life and i spend more time reading God’s word and talking to my family and loving on them more. Trying to tell people that I love them. Just taking time to reflect on life and self gratification.