Community: Riviera Beach


Seven months into 2020 and it feels like seven life times. 2020 is a year that needs its on history book just for the first seven months and several editions for the remaining five months. I never imagined in 2020 I would bury my father. I never imagined we would be walking around with face mask on or wearing gloves due to a virus with no cure. I never imagined that a man by the name of George Floyd would bring the whole world to their feet and scream JUSTICE!! I never thought people would burn down buildings, turn over cars, and walk miles in efforts to bring change to an oppressed system against the black race. I never thought that a young lady would be lying in her bed and shot to death by police officers or a young unarmed man out for a run and would be killed by two cowards who felt threaten.These stories have always been a part of the history of the black race. However, 2020 is the year that white, brown and black people were sick of the injustice by law enforcement and other senseless acts. Therefore, we joined forces to fight until we have permanent change. When you think of 2020, think of a year when people looked pass the color of one’s skin and unified in order to create undeniable change.

Corona vs Humans

The Coronavirus Have Impacted My Life While I Was In College. Coronavirus Has Stopped My From Going To College For The Following Spring Semester. It Also Stopped Me From Running Track My First Year Of College. After They Sent Us Home It Was Hard To Find A Job. I Couldn’t Pay For My Phone Bill. I Couldn’t Workout With Friends Without Being Protected Because You Never Know Who Has It. Coronavirus Separated Me From My Friends And Family. It Has Cancelled All Vacation Plans I Wanted To Go To And Still Want To Go.


Many people around me have been laid off. I’m currently looking for a job as I was let go right before the virus took off. However, it’s been difficult being able to do interviews and things because no one is actually in an office. And I don’t want to work a normal job like fast food or anything because I have a college degree. So I have been spending this time looking for jobs. I didn’t really take it seriously until I found out that someone from Riviera Beach died from it Coronavirus has taught me to be more clean and sanitary.


I know that the coronavirus is causing many people to panic I’m trying my best to stay positive. I will try to remind as many people as I can to where masks wherever they go and make sure they go and make sure they don’t go to places that are packed.


The coronavirus effects me because I can’t work as much as I used to because I work in the health field and it isn’t safe so I make less money than I used to and also my grandchildren are out of school and they can’t stay home alone.

Ms. Naica Stories

Because of the coronavirus I have to work from home. One of my best friends dad got the virus and its kinda scary to know that someone that I know got the disease.

Pandemic (Story #372)

When I first found out about the corona virus, I thought that It was going to stay in China and not spread to the United States, I had no idea the horror that lied ahead. Firstly, I heard that It was in my country, then my state, then my county. Soon enough, a kid that goes to palm beach county schools ended up with the corona virus, so the governor decided to close all schools in Palm Beach County. This news came to me with a shock. I was in my math class when doing my work when my teacher said that we have 2 weeks off from school due to the corona virus, but then weeks turned into months and here we are. To be honest, when I heard that the corona virus has spread across the world, the feeling of worry spread all the way across my face.


Do school from home for students is a bit different for some kids because they are used to being at school physically. Teachers contact their students through google meet or google zoom on the computers that they have at home or the school computers that their school has given them. The students get their assignments every week from every-single class. Some classes give a little bit of work and others give a lot of work. The students still have deadlines to turn in their assignments. Most classes have attendance, but they use different types of attendance, like interesting questions for you to answer or the just have you fill out an online sheet that asks you if you’re present.

The days that have shaken my life

The greatest impact is that it has kept my family away. I can’t see my grandchildren or hug them and that is the biggest disappointment ever. I have had several great friends pass away and I have underlined health issues so I can’t attend church or go to any funeral services. I really don’t want to go out or interact with other people. I already have breathing issues, so coronavirus would not be good for me. A lot of the essential things I need from the grocery stores are out. My friends can’t get them either. Such as Clorox, tissue, hand sanitizer, and lysol.