Control of Community: NA

The Wiser

Find God and Connection with someone older. I did this and it helped me get through a lot. The elder are wise


Once I seen somebody fall out. many walked by but it was one group that stopped to help.


Around the time I was growing up in the early 2000s my community was very involved in activities around the community and with our kids here. Now in 2019 we cant get that much involvement to support our community and kids.

A helping hand

I moved here from Haiti with my grandmother. I was kicked out at 16. Luckily I had friend to help me with money and a job.

When play turns tragic

A boy was once tragically hit by a train. I stayed clear of the tracks after that incident . The train tracks were right in front of my home.

Bullys-Devonte white

Coming up i was a big bully and I realized i hurt many people. My peoples always told me to be kind to people but i never listened. Now my son is dealing with bullies at school

Nurse -Devonte white

Important moment in my life was going through nursing school. I always wanted to be a nurse and i made it into reality

Pride- Devonte white

My pride was a big part if my life.It was so many times where my pride played a part in my life. It has got me in trouble and out of trouble