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One Day at A Time

My name is Kim. With this Pandemic I’ve experienced ups/downs/frustration/aggravation/ but most of all how to pray more. I can’t say that I’m 100% back to normal I just try and deal wit this COVID day by day. It took a toll on me in the beginning my anxiety level went sky high. I can say that it was a learning experience on how to better prepare for the worst. I do believe It will help me better in the future with patience for many people.


Working with young boys who think that sports are the only thing in the world. Watching them experience that sports can be gone in a second and education will always be an option.


As a black male i have definitely felt over powdered by the system even though i was a good kid i was stereotyped because i had dreads


I now social distance in my everyday life my daughter didn’t have a graduation and she and i were both upset about about it. So many things were canceled for her

The Times

Ive witnessed several events throughout 2020 that will forever be in or memories. Between the Pandemic and the Police murders of unarmed black men and civilians, it a lot to deal with and understand. I think what will help future generations is us explaining to them the past the present and get them to understand what it takes to make change in the future. We all learn from experiences and I think it teaches the younger generation to get and be more involved and active, i think they will understand better how to speak up for what they feel is right and act to make change in their communities rather than in the past just talking about it behind closed doors. I think that future generations will be more health conscience and aware of illnesses and disease and how they can effect the body. I think we need to explain the importance of healthcare more to the younger generations to let them understand what it takes to maintain a healthy body and a strong immune system to fight of disease.

Heart breaking effect

Well as an African America young woman i find it very heartbreaking to see our brothers and sisters hurt in such a tragic way.

World on fire

Corona Virus caused me to not have a pro day which really hurt my chances of getting a shot at the NFL. The corona virus is the last thing we’re worried about right now because the world is literally on fire and our president is a lunatic

This sucks

The corona virus gives my body time to heal, but my family is unable to work so I am mad about that because we still have to eat and provide for the kids that live here

Life gone

This corona bull made me not be able to haves graduation also I wasn’t able to participate in a pro day I feel like this had ruined my life literally