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My job recently closed and I am unemployed. My house is very cramped because the kids can’t go to school. The stores don’t have the materials that I need to provide for my kids and family.This is devastating and I pray this would be over soon.

Unemployed Wife

My wife can’t work because she is a school nurse and she isn’t getting paid. She has to P.T.O and when she runs out she can’t get paid anymore. She tried to file for employment but it’s hard for website to process anything. It’s taking along time to receive it’s about the employment kids can’t go to DFYE, pool etc.

My shoe game

There were some new air maxes that I was trying to purchase, but due to the stores closing I’ll just have to wait until they reopen.

Store without production

There are less customers coming to my store and it’s hard for me to provide fore my family, people aren’t staying home and many are getting sick. My sister lost her job, We aren’t getting new products because of the shipping is refusing.

Corona Virus Impact

The corona virus has impacted my life by making it difficult to find daily essentials such as toilet paper,paper towels,cleaning supplies and etc. at local grocery stores.The corona virus has also affected me by not allowing me to travel and visit family,go to school or even go to the gym.

My child has the virus and lives out of state

I just found out that my son who works at a hospital in Pennsylvania has contracted the COVID-19 virus and has been in the hospital for a week. The cane season just ended and I want to go and check on my son. He tells me that he is doing fine and not to come. I am so scared for my son but I am grateful that I can still talk to him.


Everyday I wake up before I go to work, I have to put on a mask and a pair of gloves. I now carry around hands sanitizer everywhere I go. I keep my distance around other people. This is different than before the virus arrived. I didn’t have to worry about things like this. It is scary.


My oldest son splits time between our house and his moms. He is at his moms and I go down to visit him once a week. We take a social distance walk around his neighborhood. We miss him and it’s hard not having him here some of the time.

Virus (Story #430)

The virus impacted my life by changing it totally. Right now, I am suppose to be in college taking classes. Instead I am at home talking online classes. My outside activities are limited because of the stay at home order the governor issued. The virus impacted my mood, I am getting more depressed when I am locked inside.

Chaneling my mother

The corona virus has impacted my life by limiting what activities I can do outside my house. I have not been able to travel to visit family in other states, requiring utilization of technology such as zoom and facetime to connect to distant family. I am usually active at least three times a week with volunteer activities and since these are community based I have had to limit these to just a few that I can do from home. This virus has caused me to work on, not yet complete, in home projects, which I report to my family as means to channel my mother. A women, who lived to 103 years old, who was always busy and was not afraid to take apart an appliance or sewing machine that was not working. I have broken apart two sewing machines with broken gears, and realize that my mask sewing project may never get started. So… moved on to removing paint from chairs and tables.