My story shows we need to: Think about what went wrong

Corona vs Humans

The Coronavirus Have Impacted My Life While I Was In College. Coronavirus Has Stopped My From Going To College For The Following Spring Semester. It Also Stopped Me From Running Track My First Year Of College. After They Sent Us Home It Was Hard To Find A Job. I Couldn’t Pay For My Phone Bill. I Couldn’t Workout With Friends Without Being Protected Because You Never Know Who Has It. Coronavirus Separated Me From My Friends And Family. It Has Cancelled All Vacation Plans I Wanted To Go To And Still Want To Go.

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It has impacted me in ways of not able to work, due to no school so therefore no one to keep my son while i work.

A husband needing assistance

Hello. My name is Leroy Merchant and I am a husband who’s wife (Fabiola) is currently battle a diagnosed of stage 4 ovarian and colon cancer and also raising two teenage boys. My mother suffered a stroke in June who also needs my help. Life took us for a ride back in October last year when my wife was diagnosed and my mother’s stroke. Then on March I became unemployed due to Covid19 and it has been a struggle not only before but became more in March, being home have giving me an opportunity to take care of my wife but right now we are struggling due to me not working. The bills are coming but unfortunately I’ve exhausted my checking and savings account. With my wife being out of work its been extremely hard. She started a new job and wasn’t there long enough to apply for unemployment. She applied for Social security benefits and was denied and trying to obtain assistance from the hospital seems to be going nowhere. At this time I am the only person who is able to take care of my wife and mom in regards to all hospital and Dr visits, she is currently getting treatments for chemo and that is weekly. During chemo she is extremely weak where I have to help her out of bed each morning, Assist with her daily meals, help with hygiene, prep and feed her all her meals etc.. Our teenage boys also help but its hard on them watching their mother struggle daily. I would love to work but unfortunately my place of employment is close until further notice. Please help us as we are two hard working people who is currently going through an extremely hard time. Thank you in advance for reading my story and hope we are able to get assistance.


When will this all end. I’m all cooped up in my house. I’m ready to leave this dumb house. The only time I am happy is with the senior program and they shit that down.

Society is down bad

Brought me closer to the fam, I get to work on all my skills a little more, corona really isn’t what I’m thinking about about tho because racial injustice is much more important

Cancel 2020

Corona virus ended my spring, this spring was when I was supposed to show coach I could play. We’re not able to go back to school yet but other schools are and there isn’t a cure so corona virus sucks and now the world is going crazy

Hope for That Free Get Out of COVID-19 Card

I was first tested on April 17, 2020 with a POSITIVE result. This meant that I could not return to work, Protocol is that need two NEGATIVE tests before I can return to work. On May 2, 2020, I tested POSITIVE again. I was speechless. On May 7, 2020, ditto. What could I say? On May 22, 2020, I was now tested for the fourth time and YES! NEGATIVE!!! I called all my supports with the wondrous news. I spent 45 minutes with my Boss planning out my work schedule (I had not been inside the jobsite for two months now as I took vacation time prior to the virus smashing into my life) to return June 1, 2020. Needing two NEGATIVE tests was going to be a piece of cake. On May 28, 2020, planning on getting my second NEGATIVE, I decided there was an evil vendetta against me. POSITIVE again. I was devastated. I called my Mom crying with the news. She felt my hurting. I then called my brother followed by my workplace. I’m hoping for June 4, 2020 to be my Free get out of COVID-19 card.

#4 The Only sure thing about the Virus is that it Kills

Mrs Arvila says that her life has been affected minimally by the COVID19. But,I am not as educated as I would like to be on the virus itself. But,what I do know that if we adhere to the ways referenced to US the spread would be difficult to transmit.Like wearing or not wearing your mask . ALOT OF PEOPLE THESE DAYS ARE NOT WEARING THEM. Perhaps,the community needs to give them away freely. Because .this can affect all of us in the community. We must stay on the same page especially the elderly like myself. I have shared foods that others brought to me. And they said we would hug when the virus is gone. Mrs Arvila says when she hears of the death toll and people who survived The only thing I know for sure about the COVID19 …Is that it kills! Mrs Jones shares her residence with her 63 yr old son ,Chris , . Her Dad,Denver Girtman, owned one of the first grovery stores in the African-American neighborhood.

School (Story #600)

Coronavirus has stopped me from going to school and participating in summer classes I struggle with taking online classes for the spring or sometime in May and my family decided that we will no longer participate in summer classes in my community Bellglade we have a problem with quarantining and things are turning upside down I truly believe coronavirus I started it operate in my community and only we can fix it.