My story shows we need to: Think ahead to what's next

Covid 19 impact

Corona virus impacted my life in a major way , 38 weeks pregnant and had no idea I was a victim ! I went to the hospital because of Severe cramps to the stomach and body Aches I knew something wasn’t right ! I got admitted to labor and delivery after 13 hours of waiting still not knowing what’s wrong but my baby was not accelerating at the correct pace even more nervous I contact my children father because now I feel alone and helpless telling him to pack his bag and the things we will need for the baby. Being that no one is allow to be with you in labor and delivery until your covid 19 test results come back. The nurse called my name and said can you please but your mask all the way on your face, I was a little bother and asked did you get my results and she stated yes and you are positive . Tears rolled down my face thinking how I’m so careful all I can think of is giving birth without the father being present my child being took from me immediately after birth as the nurse tell me everything to expect. I was then induced in labor for 16 hours alone in a room no one really wanted to walk in because I had covid 19 could not hold my child, my body started regressing due to stress not knowing if I will be able to come home having a 102 fever body aches restricted to a room alone. I had to fight ! I took honey and lemon, hot tea, hot soup I turned down anything cold, moved around the room as much as I can until I broke my fever and was released. having to stay away from my kids Hurt me more than anything. But I stand with you guys. Covid 19 is no joke and a lot of people don’t know that they have been in contact nor have the virus so please stay safe.

I don’t know

Kids home eating all day light in water bill getting sky high…

Living through Covid

Covid has impacted my life a lot just from the cut down of work and trying to support two babies on my own my 1yr old was supposed to start school but it has been pushed back due to the virus and the school being closed so I had to pay a sitter to watch them their grandmother try to help me with them but she’s on dialysis and she can’t keep them as often. I’m a single mother who’s kids fathers was indicted just before this whole pandemic thing got out of hand he was a big help with the kids but once he was taking into custody it was just me I’ve been working to support my family as much as I can but once this pandemic rolled out I couldn’t do much and than I had the baby which my job doesn’t pay maternity leave so money that I had saved went towards my bill which forced me to go back to work earlier than what I should have been even with me having a C section and even than it was limited hours due to me working in a restaurant.

No Track. No soccer.

The corona virus affected my life because it cut off my track season for school and soccer season for the AYSO organization. I know have to work twice as hard to get a track scholarship to schools and now have limited school options because many colleges/universities cut their track programs.

My Strength

It was scary not knowing how we would take care of and provide for our families. Especially when not all creditors were willing to work with you. Going from consistent financial means to zero so fast was alarming to say the least. It shocked us. Our family became homeless and divided up and living in separate places which was extremely tough for all us and praying and hoping we were safe and not exposed to viruses of any sort actually. It weighed on us emotionally financially mentally, etc. Not having the means and not knowing when or what you were able to do was extremely frustrating for us. Family or friends that were affected and not all of them made it through and not being able to be there for them or help them or just so they knew that they were not alone was tough. I’m still healing from the trauma it’s caused however I’m hopeful and I thank GOD for making ways for us when we saw no way out. For being our strength for giving us peace for comforting us. I’m truly grateful for that! Thanks for allowing us to share our story.


THe virus cause something I love to be taken away from me, football. Its starting to get hard training for something that might not happen. It caused a little depression.

My New Pass Time

Have found myself using much of the spare time cutting out patterns to make masks.

COVID – 19

Due to the COVID-19 my last day of work was March 13th, it’s been tough because my bills haven’t stopped. But thankfully I’ve made it through, and I’ve been able to survive.