Motivation: They just did it, no reason


Well, I witness how we all came together as a community and help each other get through these difficult times. I am forever grateful and i am so thankful and happy to be apart of this amazing community.

I don’t know

Kids home eating all day light in water bill getting sky high…

#Dammit Man

Zuri and I were speaking to Shannon.(The man we have come to know as Dammit Man)As we sat and talked with him, he started to say non-sensible things to make us laugh, but he wouldn’t do a proper survey. A few days later, I got a phone call from my neighbor the news that he had died. She said that Dammit Man had spat on the tall blind man not the short one and he smacked him in the head with his cane. I refused to believe her, due to the fact that I had just seen him not to long ago. The more days went by the more I started to believe that what she said was true, but one morning as I began to walk to the YEC I seen him walk walking slower than normal. He told me how he seen god in the hospital and that the world was flat.


I had plans to move to Michigan to live with my boyfriend but he had to move home and now we are living with family. It’s not fun.

Mommy sorry

I have 5 kids I can’t get to see all of them due to the virus I work 24hrs everyday for security and 2 of my girl’s birthday coming up this month this would have been the perfect year I could have celebrated with them and it hurts them so bad that I can’t see them due to the virus ugh it’s sucks

Life of virus

This crazy virus impact my life so much until it made my life a little miserable. To the point I wouldn’t even see how it feels to graduate high school in my cap and gown after all the hard work and test I have been taking to get where I need to be now I feel like everything in my power wasn’t worth it all those night I stayed up studying and working on homework

Athletes need justice

My name is coach Walker I can say that this virus has impacts a whole lot .Also I’m a track coach for Fast lane track club . I train my athletes for them to compete on a beat level also to get them into a d1 college what that being said I can’t even train them anymore and they all depends on me wow man what a life that sucks I can’t help my athletes out .


Due to the corona virus i have to watch my kids at home. The price of food these days is crazy and i do not receive government Assistance. Not saying i dont want to feed my kids im just saying they need to get these kids back in school.

Home alone

My grandson is unable to attend public school. This is placing alot of stress on him. He is an only child and have very few opportunities to be with other kids his age. This is not natural for a child his age.


The virus has alot of fear in it, You just do not know who has it and who doesn’t have it. I have never been exposed to fear on this level. The only thing I feared was the 25 yd dash as a runner in high school. Other than that,I ran the 50 and 100 yd dash with ease. The leaders have done all they can to help prevent the spread of this frightening virus, But it is the people who do not care that are not following the rules set forth by our local,state lawmakers. I was a drum major in my high school band and I traveled all over Florida representing my school never,ever contracted anything that would compromise my immune system. I continue to pray that this is over soon. I will be 86 yrs of age on my next 2021 brithday.