Palm Health Foundation’s SenseMaker Story Collection Project

Palm Health Foundation is leveraging our role as collaborator, convener and leader of innovative solutions for better health during the COVID-19 pandemic. The foundation is working with local partners to organize relief and response efforts for our community.

Our efforts are largely informed by story collection and how communities make sense of the stories they experience everyday. The foundation, along with other local partners, is inviting Palm Beach County residents to share their experiences during this time of uncertainty through SenseMaker, an online story collection tool. The stories are analyzed to inform how the foundation and other agencies will provide future assistance to the community.

How to View Collected Stories on This Site

To view stories collected using SenseMaker, click on View Stories in the menu above and Take the Gallery Walk. You will find several pages of story excerpts there. To see more information about the story and the storyteller, click the “zoom in” button in the bottom left corner of the excerpt box.

Please note that consent was provided for all stories displayed in the gallery.