Solved By: NA

A helping hand

I moved here from Haiti with my grandmother. I was kicked out at 16. Luckily I had friend to help me with money and a job.


Around the time I was growing up in the early 2000s my community was very involved in activities around the community and with our kids here. Now in 2019 we cant get that much involvement to support our community and kids.


Going off to college, and meeting others from other neighborhood and making connections. My community prepared me for this.

The Wiser

Find God and Connection with someone older. I did this and it helped me get through a lot. The elder are wise


Seeing kids in a wheelchair while young.

Good and Bad

Growing up round violence. Family Orientation around the community and motivation.

Halloween in delray

Last Halloween we went to our neighbors house and we had a thousand homes in our community and a lot of young families halloween is a good event in our community my neighborhood is friendly oriented and family oriented and have lots of fun

Strong Household

Ms. Mann Was raised with both parents in her life. Has 3 sibling out of the 3 she is the oldest. Growing up with experiences from the Glades area and the East of palm beach county. Through her family unit it has helped develop her into the successful women she is today.

Living Dreams Through Nightmares

It’ll usually be 5:30 I’m at McDonald’s with my coffee, lab top, and WiFi. It’s a lot of sunshine because I’m on the good side 7:30. Then I start walking to the dark side where you usually see red and yellow tape, blue and red lights. Shaking hands with the good fellows with a smile but also with their hand behind their back having a knife. I hang out talking about sports and life then go to football practice and see bright lights.