The Day at the Store

I Remember as a young adult about 18-20 when me and my mother were at a local store and I was referred to as “boy” by a white man. My mother didn’t react calmly at all to this she yelled at the man for his disrespectful attitude and words. At first I had no clue why my mother would react like that.As time passed by and I grew older I realized she felt him calling me a “boy”was degrading. Because our past during segregation she explained how that reference would always be degrading no mater what.

About This Story

  • Project: We Are Here
  • Date submitted: 2018-09-17 00:00:00
  • Emotional tone: Negative
  • Who should know about this? Everyone

About the Storyteller

  • Community: Boynton Beach
  • Age: Over 61
  • Gender: Male

How the Storyteller Interpreted Their Story

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  • My story teaches us to: Always look ahead to the future
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