# 18 She hails from Lake Wales,FL

Mrs Eva Bowers is a divorced 79 year old, She has become a pastor in the AME church. And she is a white woman. Mrs Bowers has lived in Alaska,South Dakota,Clewiston and Belle Glade as a public school Teacher with 4 children to raise. She recalls it being tough with those 3 boys and 1 girl.to guide them on the right path as a single Parent. She is a Florida girl and hails from Lake Wales Florida. Mrs Bowers,brother William Keen,passed in 2011 as a 5th generational Rancher. Since his passing,Mrs Bowers is a partial owner of lots of acres known as B ROCKER. Mrs bowers has suffered from numerous strokes walks with various walking aids.On December 21,2019, she was struck with tragedy her son.Allen, 44,. was fatally shot in the chest three doors down from his apartment in Big Timber,Montana. Mrs Bowers is in need of grief counseling to deal with the death of her youngest child. His ashes will be brought to Lantana by her eldest child.her thought of the virus is that it really does not affect her.

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  • Date submitted: 2020-06-12 00:00:00
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