27 behind god

I was laid off from work, March 20th due to the covid 19. It’s been over a month out of work and I filed for unemployment. I haven’t received my taxes yet it’s a 6-9 week wait for that, and I haven’t got my stimulus check either. I have about $100 left to my name and I have a few bills due at the house to help out with my portion. Struggle to pay bills and keep food in the house, I take care of my mother because she’s partially blind, she’s get SSI every month but even with that and what I had left over we’re just hitting ends meet. My aunt got sick from the virus about 2 weeks ago and she’s an elderly lady 75 with heart condition, high blood pressure and diabetes. She’s not doing to well right now, what sucks the most is that if your family member gets sick you can’t even visit them. I pray every night that she fights the battle and come home to all of her family. I pray it’ll be over soon, I barely have groceries in the house to make food at night it’s a really big hassle right now. I’m not asking for too much but anything will help right now until my income tax comes in. This pandemic is messing up everything so far but I’m keeping hope and faith alive. I read my Bible every night before I lay to rest, praying for better days and praying that the world gets back normal.

About This Story

  • Project: COVID-19
  • Date submitted: 2020-04-23 00:00:00
  • Emotional tone: Strongly positive
  • Who should know about this? My community
  • Is the story health-related? yes

About the Storyteller

  • Community: Boynton Beach
  • Age: 18-30
  • Gender: Female
  • Concerns: Employment, Having enough food, Health of the community, My health, Paying the bills, Safety of my neighborhood, and Safety of those who can't care for themselves

How the Storyteller Interpreted Their Story

Note: Responses which fell closer to the middle (between two or three options) are shown as two dashes.
  • My story shows we need to: Think about what went wrong
  • Who my story is about: My friends and family
  • Why people acted the way they did: They have strong beliefs
  • How people were treated: --
  • In my story, there are: --
  • In my story: I am calm
  • My story shows: --
  • My story teaches us that: The community is resilient
  • My story teaches us that: --
  • My story is about: Fear