A lost senior

Hello I’m a senior. I was so excited for my senior year I understand that all the stuff I payed for wasn’t really anyone’s fault but. Every time I look on the news it’s never about seniors. I was a senior with 27 credits and only needed .5 more to graduate. I’m transitioning into signing up for collage and getting ready to pick my path. And all of this is just being left in the air. No one is telling me what to do or how to get ready for the next step. I’m so afraid of missing something. My dream school is not even a possibility for me anymore because I’m not able to finish the requirements they wanted me to do. I just feel like seniors are being left out of the equation when we are the most affected percentage out of all of this.

About This Story

  • Project: COVID-19
  • Date submitted: 2020-03-25 00:00:00
  • Emotional tone: Strongly positive
  • Who should know about this? Leaders who make decisions
  • Is the story health-related? NA

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  • Community: Boynton Beach
  • Age: 18-30
  • Gender: Female
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  • My story is about: Fear