Deaf Dog Finally Rescued

While working from home due to Coronavirus, we decided we would go to Big Dog Ranch Rescue and foster a dog. Early into quarantine we brought home a 3-year old deaf pup from the ranch. This dog had only ever lived in a house for a week, spending most of his life in between shelters. He was super shy and friendly, and had something special about him. Over a month later, we are happy to say that we are foster failures. Our pup has our hearts and is the goofiest dog ever. This quarantine has given us the time necessary to get a new rescue acquainted with a new house, family and life style. We would not have been able to rescue our sweet boy if we weren’t at home all day, and for this I am grateful. I have created an instagram for him and am working on growing it, trying to advocate for deaf dogs. Through working with him, we have learning that deaf dogs are just as playful and trainable as non-special needs dogs and shouldn’t be ignored in shelters. Garth was overlooked for 3 years because of his disability so we have spent our time at home spreading awareness and hoping that deaf dogs will be less overlooked in the future. (IG: Garth.the.goodboy)

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