The Coronavirus has majorly impacted my family and I. We are active members of our church and I am a teacher that enjoys the presence of my students. I have been teaching for over 16 years and I feel that I impact the lives of my children at work. Many of them come from homes that are not so pleasant. Me not being able to love on them and be that much needed hope, love and encouragement that they need to be able to be in the harmful home. My heart is so bothered by the fact that school was a safe place for them. I know I can’t reach everyone, but I hope that out of these that have been in my care during the day, I miss encouraging and consoling them. Corona virus has robbed us of being that one constant for my children . The Coronavirus has changed the way I do things for others and for myself. I understand the need for social distancing, but my students need a warm embrace and reassurance that they can make it even in scary times like now.

About This Story

  • Project: COVID-19
  • Date submitted: 2020-04-22 00:00:00
  • Emotional tone: Positive
  • Who should know about this? Friends and family
  • Is the story health-related? NA

About the Storyteller

  • Community: West Palm Beach
  • Age: 51-60
  • Gender: Female
  • Concerns: Employment, Health of my friends and/or family, Health of the community, My health, and Safety of those who can't care for themselves

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  • Why people acted the way they did: They are trying to get by
  • How people were treated: --
  • In my story, there are: --
  • In my story: --
  • My story shows: I have no control
  • My story teaches us that: The community is vulnerable
  • My story teaches us that: The community is volatile
  • My story is about: Fear