Praying that a change is going to come!!!

Since the pandemic began it’s truly been hard on myself and family these past several months. Before the covid-19 I recently received not 1 but 2 parttime jobs with the Palm Beach County School District. Now I’ve been unemployed since March 13, 2020 all due to that all schools are closed due to this pandemic. Immediately after we were notified that we were going to be unemployed I reached out to all my bill collectors notifying them that I was currently let go due to the pandemic. They said it was fine whenever I can pay just submit a payment. In April we all received a stimulus check, and that helped for a months worth of bills. Im still praying for the second stimulus to be approve, but I really believe that that check is null and void. In Oct of 2019 I started the Circles Program. This program is geared more towards family in poverty and helping them get out of poverty. This program teaching us life skills, community building, becoming apart of a sisterhood and being a leader. Since I started this program they have been a big help with giving us the proper resources to use to get all the help we need thru these trying times. We usually meet every Thursday evening, but since the pandemic it has forced to meet video chat since then. I’m so glad that our coaches didn’t give up on us during these times, because this give us a little normality even thou were seeing each other on video. Also seeing the coaches and leaders puts a smile on my face and takes the stress off of me. I try not to worry but the truth of the matter is bills do not stop, but my finances did! Thank the Lord that state up our food stamps to the max. And I’m grateful that we been receiving free food weekly, so I can still feed my family. I filled out for unemployment but that’s still not enough! I have a car payment, car insurance, internet so that my children can do their school work, phone bill, light, water , mortgage and let’s not forget that I still need side money personal hygiene, wash detergent, bleach and etc. Im praying for a miracle and keeping faith that this will end soon so things can get back to normal. Or I’m hoping for a big miracle because I really can’t afford to lose anything I work so hard for. Praying that a change is going to come!

About This Story

  • Project: COVID-19
  • Date submitted: 2020-06-03 00:00:00
  • Emotional tone: Negative
  • Who should know about this? Everyone, Friends and family, Government, Leaders who make decisions, and My community
  • Is the story health-related? NA

About the Storyteller

  • Community: Boynton Beach
  • Age: 31-40
  • Gender: Female
  • Concerns: Being alone, Employment, Having enough food, Health of my friends and/or family, My child's education, My health, and Paying the bills

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