Unemployment shortfalls…

At Macy’s i work on commission… And everyday i must cover my $9.00 an hour draw.. 7 hrs ×9 equals $63 a day that Macys is paying us right now.. I’m one of the lucky ones… That’s $315 minus taxes, fico, and s.s.(at 25 %) equals $227.25 a week… I cannot pay rent food, auto loan, insurance, gas (taking care of mom in Boynton) ,dentist loan, electric, capital 1(when times are tough) and going out( to support our local economy.. Take out etc..)… Made $32,000 in taxable income 1918.. Devided by 50 weeks is $640 per week… Minus taxes etc. Equals $480 after taxes..so there’s a shortfall of $252.75 or approximately $1008 amonth.. Will unemployment insurance cover any of this?

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  • Date submitted: 2020-03-27 00:00:00
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