Upbringing: The individual is responsible

Much Better

Better to live here from where I lived. Better opportunities in the community.


Seeing my friend get shot

Hard on your own

When I graduate from high school and went to college. I. Was the first in my family go off to school. My family was poor so he will work and different jobs he had to ask for loans. It was very hard.


I never thought me growing up was so ruff for me. My mom and dad died in a car accident. I was raised by my grandparents raised me until they past away I been living from house to house in finish house still didn’t go off to college .

The Wiser

Find God and Connection with someone older. I did this and it helped me get through a lot. The elder are wise


I grew up in a ruff community on 8 street. I had to do a lot of things on my own I haven’t have much help with my parents.


Growing up in the projects poor , there wasn’t much in my community .

One nice help- laroderick richardson

My neighborhood is good and quiet so one day I was very sick and I fell and so I’m screaming until my neighbors came and they helped me up to the hospital and they moved but I was always talking on him and then I used to meet up places and we always had fun and talked

Extra items- laroderick richardson

My neighborhood is normal we have parties the kids always playing. With each other a story is that a new person moved in and we had a party and invited him and he came and brought soda and cake and pizza we did not know he will bring all that stuff but he did