Mini Grants SenseMaker Project

Mini grants are an essential contribution to Healthier Together because innovation happens at the local level. Mini grants help launch small businesses, encourage professional development, and fund ideas that tackle some of our toughest problems, like intergenerational wealth, health and well-being, family caregiving, and root causes of trauma and violence. This project seeks to better understand 32 Healthier Neighbors mini grants and 13 BeWellPBC mini grants. Taken together, these mini grants offer 45 potential pathways to a healthier Palm Beach County.

In addition to reading the narratives below, visuals showing how community members interpreted their narratives are presented in the Data Visuals page.

Local leaders and community members involved in mini-grant projects were given the following prompt:

Share a story about a mini grant experience.

Your story can be something, anything that happened related to a mini-grant. It doesn’t have to prove anything—we are not looking to grade anyone. It can be something rare and meaningful or something that happens every day. The more stories, the more people who tell stories, the better we can represent who you are and what you do.

We hope your stories can help us understand more about mini-grants, how they help, what the challenges are while getting to know the people behind them and connected to them.

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Stories By Date

October 20, 2020

I enjoyed the interview process of…

I enjoyed the interview process of the mini grant and the application it was easy to apply and the interview team was so kind amd welcoming

October 19, 2020

This grant writing was a fun…

This grant writing was a fun experience. When I first got the email announcing the grant, I got so excited. I had this idea of supporting mental health workers/healthcare workers for a long time. According to research burnout and compassion fatigue are big issues among healers, in addition due to current COVID-19 pandemic this issue has become even bigger. Writing this and receiving the grant was a great experience!

October 19, 2020

Thanks to the kind support from…

Thanks to the kind support from Healthier Neighbors tomorrow is launch day for Silver Fox Elite Fitness. We will begin recruiting seniors in the targeted area codes for free personal fitness sessions. In a matter of weeks, this bright idea and compassion for community elders is now a fully registered, certified, and insured mobile fitness busienss. Silver Fox Elite Fitness is preparing to activate beautiful outdoor and indoor vitural studios and is poised to provide virtual fitness sessions. These vital spaces are possible due to the generous help of Community Partners of South Florida which awarded Silver Fox Elite Fitness flash grant award that financed this greatly needed service option need. Prior to COVID-19 all research stated Seniors we unlikely to use virtual options for most services, This perception has quickly begun to change for safety. Success is opportunity meeting preparation. “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” Jackie Robinson

October 18, 2020

I am ready to begin scheduling…

I am ready to begin scheduling Seniors for free personal fitness sessions. Introductory sessions will begin in 1 week! So many things have come to life in such as short time. Silver Fox Elite Fitness is a fully registered LLC. With the help of a finanical planner and business mentor, Silver Fox has great business plan with both short and long term goals. With the help of a Dope Trifecta Media a website and social media platforms are in the final phases and here is a great new logo. Silver Fox is also insured and poised to set up boht indoor and outdoor virtual fitness studios wiht the generous help of a Flash Grant from Community Partners. Success is opportunity meeting preparation.

October 16, 2020

Family Promise of South Palm Beach…

Family Promise of South Palm Beach County is very excited about our first event “Sharing Survival Stories Saturday” on November 7th. It is through the BeWell DoWell mini-grant that our idea of sharing stories of single mothers surviving homelessness to thrive as successful women, mothers and entrepreneurs. The goal is to motivate and support the moms as they journey on their road to success!