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My grandfather had a stroke and was in the hospital for 15 days, only my grandmother could visit because of covid restrictions. I have three younger sisters, all who do online school, while my grandmother was visiting my grandfather during the day, I had to watch my sisters. It was an extremely stressful time and he still isn’t 100% recovered.

Times call for buying a Gun

Through the year, I’ve been thinking about my home, safety, unrest, what I would do if someone broke in at night. I hadn’t shot or owned a gun in over 20 years but went to a concealed carry course the other day and am looking for a gun to put in a safe place in the house only I can access in case the worst happens.


Covid-19 affected my life by causing me to have a virtual graduation and have my football season end on the wrong foot. Because of this pandemic, I was not working out with my workout partner in the gym. It also scared me of my grand-parents life since they are in the age range.

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The pandemic caused me to lose my job and cause me to have depression and anxiety. Being alone is one of the things I do not like about the pandemic. I like being around people because that was one of the ways I copped with my anxiety and depression. I would say that it has gotten worse since the lock-down started.

surviving covid-19

The corona has impacted me and my family because my husband hours was cut less money coming in to help pay for bills and financial payments. I was also in school to get my high school diploma but due to the virus i needed to lay off from school

# 18 She hails from Lake Wales,FL

Mrs Eva Bowers is a divorced 79 year old, She has become a pastor in the AME church. And she is a white woman. Mrs Bowers has lived in Alaska,South Dakota,Clewiston and Belle Glade as a public school Teacher with 4 children to raise. She recalls it being tough with those 3 boys and 1 guide them on the right path as a single Parent. She is a Florida girl and hails from Lake Wales Florida. Mrs Bowers,brother William Keen,passed in 2011 as a 5th generational Rancher. Since his passing,Mrs Bowers is a partial owner of lots of acres known as B ROCKER. Mrs bowers has suffered from numerous strokes walks with various walking aids.On December 21,2019, she was struck with tragedy her son.Allen, 44,. was fatally shot in the chest three doors down from his apartment in Big Timber,Montana. Mrs Bowers is in need of grief counseling to deal with the death of her youngest child. His ashes will be brought to Lantana by her eldest child.her thought of the virus is that it really does not affect her.

Family time (Story #765)

Corona has really impacted my life, my mother is out of work the only good thing I get out of it is the time spent with my family

Oh well

I’m happy this virus happened lol I’m sorry about the fatalities but I didn’t want to be at school and I don’t really hang around with my teammates, t the virus is the last thing we’re worried about now as we can see