Mini Grant Project: The Ladybug's Art Box

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Hello my name is…

Hello my name is Verna Neely, I’m the founder of the Ladybugs of The Palm Beaches and the creator of the Ladybugs Art Box. I was given my first art kit when I was a little girl. It helped me to easy my mind during my many medical issues. I am a self taught artist . I have a degree in arts. When I find myself depressed, stressed or just angry. I pick up my art supplies. Art helps me to calm down . When I’m done I have some of the most beautiful pieces. Working with healthier Neighbors and being a recipient of the mini grant has allowed me to share Ladybugs Art Box with over 200 people. Our goal was to reach 150 people. Since start this project I have lost 5 family members to some kind of trauma or violence. I just lost a sister to gun violence. She was murdered on December 20, 2020. Thanks to art and passing out these art boxes having given me an outlet to pour my anger and sorrows into. In the near future I hope to own an art gallery right here in Riviera Beach, and just maybe some of the 200 people that received an art box will have art to put in the gallery. Thank you Healthier Neighbors.

Hello, my name is…

Hello, my name is Tamar Watson and I am the co-creator of the ladybugs art box. It has been a pleasure creating these art boxes for individuals throughout the community. I’ve enjoyed seeing the people’s faces light up, when they received an art box. With this pandemic going on so many people are lacking things for everyday use. Our art boxes it gives them time clear up some space in their heads, they can just sit for hour coloring, painting or even journaling. I am glad we were able to make these ladybugs art boxes for the children and adults. Thank you for helping us with our project for this community. It was a great success.

I received a Ladybugs Art Box…

I received a Ladybugs Art Box. I was very excited. I love to draw and paint. With this box I would like to make all kinds of crafts. I don’t think I want to become a professional artist. But I would use it to become better at painting and drawing, then I can use it as a hobby and maybe even make money from it. I’m glad I received an art box and I’m looking forward to joining the Ladybugs of the Palm Beaches Mentoring group. Thank you Ms. Verna and Mrs. Tamar.

I think the Ladybugs Art Boxes…

Torrie Anderson-Stinson, I think the Ladybugs Art Boxes were a good idea. My children and I received our art kits and they were nicely done. For my family it was hour of fun. It was a stress reliever for me. Especially when I need a break from the kids. I was able to focus. It allowed me to be creative and motivated to create more things. I also received a nice adult coloring book. It allowed me to be at peace. This box was very useful. I’d recommend everyone get them a ladybugs art box. Thanks Ladybugs